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#dailygratitude - my sweet sisters

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


Far away. Oceans wide.

Time divides us, we three.

My sweet sisters you.

Holding tightly our hug.

Reminiscing days gone.

A moment in time.

Special moments with you

Are kept here in my heart.

We sisters still close.

Though we be far away

You remain in my prayers.

You sisters of mine.


“A Fairy Tale”

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

Plein air

©Bjlane 2008

(read the backstory)

Prints and gifts

The backstory:

The “lady in pink” series was developed during a special visit to Europe to be with my sister. Every day for 3 weeks I spent time in the open air observing the scenery around me. Everyday my sibling took me to a different spot to paint. This piece reminded me of childhood fables.

As if in a scene from a fairy tale, a small but welcoming castle stood in the distance. From a parking lot I stood under a tree with my portable outdoor studio and lost my thoughts in the past. Who lived here before me? What was their life like? Now just a marker from the past, the castle is possibly a museum or hotel in the village of Krefeld. But in my mind, it is still a fairytale.

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