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#dailygratitude - my sweet flower


The Poetry of Art - Digital Collections

Dedicated to my sweet granddaughter

It’s you who brighten up my day.

The beauty in my eye.

You dear, fill my heart with joy.

You’re my sweet flower, mine.

You dear, are the dream I keep.

You are the hope within.

You keep my world filled with love.

I see it in your grin.

You are the blossom, strong and sweet.

You are small and kind.

You are the apple of my eye.

You are my grandchild, mine.


The backstory:

This piece was created on my iPad with a digital painting program. The morning sun shine bright through the window as I painted with my fingers on the touchscreen. In the silence, a great feeling of peace came over me. The colors, light and the remarkable creation of life filled my heart with love. Looking again at this piece I see my grandchild—another remarkable creation of life, and my heart fills with gratitude.

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