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#dailygratitude - love classics


Classic Movies.

Gone With the Wind

Classic Rock.

Collectors additions.

Classic cars

Cruisin’ the strip.

Classic Masters.

Edgar Degas.

The Classical Period.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Title : “The Silver Screen/Rialto Theatre”

Oil on canvas

24” x30”

Original Donated to American Cancer Society of Pasadena



The backstory:

When I first moved to Southern California I was eager to uncover hidden treasures of this huge metropolis. One of the first theaters I went in was the Rialto Theatre. The musty smell from red velvet seats weren’t the most comfortable to sit in, but I still remember paintings and sculpted gargoylish decor.

Many years later I had an opportunity to return to visit this location to paint “en plein air”. Standing across the street in front of my parked van, it told me if it’s past. My heart listened.

Built in 1925, “The Rialto Theatre is a 1,200 seat theater in South Pasadena, California. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is considered one of the last single-screen theaters in Southern California.” Credit to Wikipedia

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