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#dailygratitude - Life’s little pleasures

Updated: May 20, 2019






A new job.

A first car.

A first home.

A second chance.

A friendly hug.

Holding hands.

A first kiss.

Someone to love.



A bride.

A groom.

A spring day.

A promise of summer.

Special memories.

Dinner out.

Title: “more soup please”

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

When our kids were young, one of our favorite places to eat was a buffet style restaurant that served salads, soups, and a variety of pastas. I still can’t believe how much food my little girls could consume there. They would go back for second, third, and sometimes fourth helpings! And top it off with dessert. As they grew older my husband and I would still frequent this place. People watching became my favorite past time. After I ate dinner, I would bring out my iPad and sketch. This piece was created over several visits. Each time I would refine or add elements in the piece—spots of red and the glow of yellow lighting, the girl eating soup. Although the decor has been updated, it still is one of my favorite places to have a bite to eat and sketch people. Someday you might even find me there ... having a second helping, or sketching YOU!

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