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The Poetry of Art - Sculpture Collections

I want to bronze.

What shall I do?

I’ll make a sculpture

Just for you.

Here is a quick video of the wax sculpture. For this poor I am attempting to create three sculptures. Two will be cast in bronze and one will be in cast in aluminum. Using a propane torch and hot tools, the details are sculpted in and the pour cup, pruce and vents are welded in place. Soon the next process, “ceramic shell”, will begin.

During the next process I will dip the wax piece in a liquid solution and roll it in sand-like material. After it dries, this process takes 10 dips and rolls before it becomes a thick, hard temporary mold which will eventually be put in a hot kiln. First the wax will be burned out, then hot molten metal poured in. When the pour is done, and the metal is cooled, the ceramic shell will be chipped away and the sculpture will be uncovered. Then comes the hard work. Removing the sprues and cup and vents, and polishing the metal until it shines. Finally I will patina the surface.

Whew ... a year of processing, and hopes of 3 new sculptures to share with you.

If you are interested in sponsoring my journey with sculpure, or in owning one of my first bronze series, please contact me.

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