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The heart of motion-in pirouette



Metal, Wire, copper

Concrete and brass


The backstory:

As an Artist, I find there is nothing quite so exciting as learning from a Master. Experiencing new materials and learning different approaches helps to push the Artist to a whole new level.

This life-size piece was created at the San Diego Artist Retreat under the watchful eyes and helpful guidance of the founder and master sculptor, Julia Rasor. Using materials familiar in many of Rasor’s designs, I designed this piece on paper first, and learned to manipulate unfamiliar materials in order to create one of my few abstracted pieces. Made of wrapped metal, burlap, and concrete, with a ceramic base, this piece was exhibited at the L. A. County fair in 2015 along with paintings from my Ballet Collection.

I am truly grateful for the gift of knowledge, and thankful for opportunities to expand my repertoire. I am especially grateful for my creative friends and colleagues. You keep me moving forward to become better every day.

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