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#dailygratitude - happy days

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


Riding, running. Laughing, yelling. Childhood memories.

“Tag you’re it”, and “Hide and Seek”.

Simple games. Good times.

We grabbed the ball and bat and played

Baseball with our friends.

We challenged chance with fun and games.


Hopscotch, jump-rope, swings and slides.

We jumped up and down.

Chocolate Ice cream. Bubble gum.

Popcorn and a prize.

Slumber parties. Birthday gifts.

Dress up. Tea.

Happy days of yesteryears.

Creating Friendships, We.


"Growing up in Tonisvorst””, Lady in Pink

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

Studio art

©Bjlane 2008

(read the backstory)

Prints and gifts

The backstory:

Two little villages, side by side, share their names. St. Tonis, and Vorst. My sister tried to explain why the town she lived in was called “Tonisvorst”. Each village had its own church (the town center), and yet they had grown until their borders touched. We were invited to a mid-day barbeque in town, and a promise that I would paint after lunch in the nearby downtown section was fulfilled. The afternoon I spent on a painting on the border of the “Vorst” side of town, which I would name “The town center--Sankt Godehard”. As I set up my equipment, the towns people went about their business. People rode by on their bikes to pickup the groceries they needed. I set across the street from the town center, where no vehicles are allowed to drive until evening. Pedestrians crossed the road, and children peddled their bikes here and there. Soon, 3 little boys came up to me and tried to communicate. None of them spoke English, so we smiled at each other and did our best to say our greetings. Soon they were back, looking on at my progress as I continued to paint. The third time they came by, I was about finished for the day. I had gotten my main sketch down and enough information to enable me to finish it later. I lifted my camera and pointed at the trio. I asked if it was ok to take their picture. They definitely understood a camera pointing at them, and smiling their big friendly smiles, they posed for me. Here they are. Growing up in Tonisvorst

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