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#dailygratitude - greet the day


Unafraid, I take the leap.

I live the life I choose.

I give my all every day.

The best that I can do.

It may not be perfection.

I might fall down and fail.

Yet I rise again today.

And greet the day with you.

Title : “A dancers Life — in black and white”

Mixed Digital B&W- Acrylic Painting Rendition

Size: variable



The backstory:

Dancers remind me to be brave. They work tirelessly. They tone their muscles, learn the steps, practice and practice—repeating dance segments again, and when their feet hurt, their bodies saturated with perspiration, they leap and turn again. They fall, they stumble, and then get up again to repeat the dance segment once again. They go beyond limits. They express passionately. Stripped of fancy glittery costumes and spotlights, dressed in leotards and tights, sweatpants and leg warmers, they show the true beauty of the dance. The dance of life.

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