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#dailygratitude - gardens of sunshine


New garden glows

With warmth and hue.

Red and violet.

Shades of blue.

What once were seedlings

Are now full bloom.

The veggies ripe.

Enjoy them soon.

Come smell the flowers.

Taste the wine.

Partake in color.

Enjoy sunshine.

The summers here.

The harvest’s in.

Come see the gardens.

Before bloom ends.

“New Beginning”

Oil on canvas

24” x 36”


Commissions and Prints available


The backstory:

In May of 2019, I shared the beginning of this “pleinair” painting, which I’d started while I was the artist at a garden tour. Today I’m reposting the original photo of me beginning the painting, and the final piece, which I just recently finished. The sweet garden shed holds many detailed secrets—a fountain, beautiful leaded glass doors, welcoming chairs, and last but not least, old faithful. Take a sit under the umbrella and enjoy a glass of wine, and view a slice of heaven here on earth.

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