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#dailygratitude - Garden Sculpure


Childhood pleasures.

Best of friends.


Pleasant memories.

“Boy and Dog”

Garden Sculptures

The Huntington Library

oil on primed canson paper

19”x24 1/2”


Commissions and Prints available


The backstory:


An inspiration for one of my Huntington Sculpture Series paintings, this sculpture is sometimes mistaken for a child with a lamb. An unknown French Master created the original sculpture and it actually depicts a boy with his best friend. A sweet, innocent child with his load of goods and his beloved companion greet the visitor on a little path as you enter the main statuary garden from the Library building.“Boy with Dog”.

“In 1910, Henry E. Huntington began acquiring a large collection of outdoor sculptures, personally deciding on the exact location for each piece of garden statuary ... Visitors today can see an array of statuary in different media and from various cultural traditions across Europe and beyond.”

Credit The Huntington Library:

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