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#dailygratitude - friendships


Two Friends.

Sharing a day.

With flowers.

Two Artists.

Painting together.

Side by side.

Two Pals.

Supporting each other.


Two People.

Spreading the joy.

Of Art.

Truly Delightful.

Title : “Painting at the San Diego Fair”

Photo: Artist Demonstrators

Renee Corwin, & BJ Lane


The backstory:

This was the second year I’d been invited to join a Fellow Artist, (Renee Corwin) to paint in the gardens at the San Diego Fairgrounds.

There is nothing quite like creating artwork in the chilled morning air at the fair. The busy buzz of passers by, musical entertainment by small group bands, and the smell of popcorn and cotton candy add to the fun.

On this particular morning, both of us decided to paint flowers. Renee brought a small vase of flowers, a few samples of her beautiful work, an easel with her oil paints. I brought some photo samples of flowers along with samples of my artwork and my oil pastels. As we settle down to paint, I discovered I had left my green pastels at home in my studio. But not to worry ... the green hues in this unfinished piece were created with yellow and black. A few more strokes in my studio and it will be complete.

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