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#dailygratitude - expressions of movement


Flowers waving in the wind.

Swaying Rhythmically.

Colors splashing on the ground.

Orange, yellow, and brown.

A golden hue fills the scene.

Clustered vines intwine.

Such sweet fragrance fills the air.

Breath of pure delight.

Waltzing in a silent world.

The dance has just begun.

Title: Groupe de Danseur Une Fleur #1

Mixed Digital - Oil Painting rendition



The backstory:

This piece was inspired by the “Waltz of the Flowers” in the Nutcracker Ballet. I love the Ballet. Suddenly you are transported into a world where flowers come alive, and movement is captured by leaps, jumps, and pirouettes. The dancers seem to float across the floor, and fly through the air. Even without the glorious Tchaikovsky or Stravinsky, a “groupe de danseur” performing together is enough to get you hooked on the beauty of movement ... forever.

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