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#dailygratitude - embracing history.


What does a building say to us?

It’s structure and it’s line?

Does it speak of dreams and visions?

What does it tell of time?

Who where the people working hard

To make this building stand?

Who put their hands upon this place

And toiled this precious land?

We look and feel the beauty here.

And suddenly we see.

The past bring us to understand.

Embracing history.

Title : “The Walker House

Oil on canvas

24”x 30”


Prints available on request


The backstory:

I couldn’t wait to set up my easel. But where? Where should I stand in order to capture the magnificent beauty of this place? An icon from the past— right here in front of me— showing me creativity, grandeur, and the incredible workmanship that once ruled its era. I couldn’t imagine leaving out any details. As I backed away farther and farther from the entrance, I saw more and more of its fine architecture. A gem of geometric splendor. A view from across the street was the masterful ingredient. Exquisite.

Learn more about the Walker House—the most significant historical building in the City of San Dimas.

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