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#dailygratitude - dreaming in color


With life comes days of challenged thought.

The earth pulls at my feet.

My eyes are dimmed to brighter days.

Sometimes the world seems gray.

I lay myself upon my bed.

I gently close my eyes.

I rest my heart and calm my soul.

In silence say a prayer.

Let this day be a brighter day.

Please, let me see the good.

And then I hear the birds sing songs.

I hear their melody.

I see the beauty deep within.

I let go, and I am free.

Title: “colorful dreams”

Mixed Digital oil painting


The backstory:

After a couple weeks of working outdoors painting structures and icons of Germany, France, and Amsterdam, my guide and I both needed time to recuperate. I had painted every day since I first landed in Europe, and now I had only a few hours left before returnIng to the States. My sister and I decided an afternoon nap was in order. Even though my body ached and my head was tired, once she laid down on the bed, I knew I should paint her. While she slept, my body reenergized as I captured her loveliness on my canvas. Later I would take a second look and recreate this piece in full digital color.

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