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#dailygratitude - days of old


If she could talk

What tales she’d tell.

Of weary travelers.

If she could speak

She might tell us

Of ladies and gentlemen.

If we listen

We still can hear.

She speaks of days of old.

‘though days are past

Her word are clear.

The words of yesteryear.

Title : “The Pinney House”

Oil on canvas

24” x30”



The backstory:

The Pinney House is a Historically preserved and renovated Victorian Mansion that was built originally as a Railroad Hotel in 1887. Built by Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom the Queen Anne-style structure was commissioned as a thirty-room hotel by former Civil War surgeon Dr. Elbert Pinney to accommodate East Coasters arriving in droves to buy up property during the Los Angeles land boom of 1885-1888. Over the years, its various functions have included sanatorium, boarding house, ballroom dance studio, apartment complex, and film location.

Info Credit to google.

This piece was created “en plein air” on a bright sunny morning with gloved hands, canvas, and oil. Step with me backwards ... in time.

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