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#dailygratitude - daily life

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


The splendor of daily life

Sometimes I do not see.

I pass along and miss the song.

The melody.

Today I promise to take time

To thank and look upon

The life I have and life I own.

It is mine.

Right here, right now, I give thanks.

For family and friends.

For life, for home, for love.

For each brand new day.

My daily life.


"A Casual Stroll”, Lady in Pink

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

En plein air

©Bjlane 2008

Prints and gifts

The back story:

My second day in Europe, my first experience painting on location in Germany, I found myself at the center of St. Tonis. “Saint Cornelius” church stood in its entire splendor, as the locals leisurely went about their business. Parked cars sat silently, unable to be driven on the center streets. Local residents passed on bikes and on foot, casually glancing my way. Curious observers stopped to talk to me in their local language. “Schoen!! Schoen!!” was the word I kept hearing. Later I found out it meant “pretty, pretty”.

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