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#dailygratitude - beauty of line


Nite has come. Day is spent.

Traffic passes by.

Dark the clouds. Smells of rain.

Dripping. Splashing. Downpour.

City lights. Mesmerized.

Scattered hues of orange.

Colors bending with the scene.

Purple, blue, and green.

Traffic slows. Artist sees.

Beauty in the line.

Title: “Linear Passage”

Mixed Digital-oil painting



The backstory:

For years I had visions of capturing Downtown Los Angeles Freeways. Obsessed with the tunnels near Dodger Stadium, I would take every opportunity to drive on the 110 to experience them.

In 2008, one evening I talked my husband into driving downtown during rush hour traffic at dusk. I shot a short video with a small digital video camera. That video would become my reference for this piece.—which would be first captured on canvas, and eventually painted again digitally.

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