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#dailygratitude - Art from the Heart



This week - Poetry of The Dance

Leaping, jumping.

Spinning turning.

You float through air

With silent feet.

Musical movement.

These collections are especially curated for you and presented with poetry and story from the heart.

The backstory:

Join me as I present my next selections this week - dancing through life. Music and dance has always been close to my heart. As mother I was blessed to watch my firstborn as she discovered music and rhythm. She danced before she could walk, and joyfully I took the dance journey with her as she eventually joined a ballet company. Many a day I’ve sketched the dancers as they practiced their movements. Watching them struggle, practice, and sometimes fall—for the sake of the dance—reminds me of life. Just keep doing, practicing, and getting back up when you fall. Life is a dance. Enjoy the music ...


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