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#dailygratitude - April Showers


Title: “Lovely Earth”

Mixed Digital-encaustic painting


Special Order Prints


April showers. Day turn dark.

Clouds cover the sun.

Brilliant sunlight disappears.

Darkness creeps inside.

Suddenly the sun peeks out

The cloud drifts away.

Light reveals, pink and brown.

Upon this wet ground.

The sky blazes once again

Brilliant hues of blue.

Filling hearts with gratitude.

Oh ... this lovely Earth.


The backstory:

A field of flowers leaves me speechless. My heart full. Imagine spending 3 hours just staring at a meadow filled with color. That is exactly how this piece began. A morning with nature developed several flower paintings. Oil, Encaustic, and Digital Painting Renditions. Can you smell their fragrance?

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