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#dailygratitude - A Sunday dream

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


Dishes need washed.

The lawn needs mowed.

And laundry fills the bin.

The car needs gas.

The floor needs swept.

And I can’t find the broom.

The bed needs made.

The dog needs fed.

A walk for exercise.

I breath the air.

The sun is bright.

And colors fill the scene.

The sky is clear.

And shade is near.

I cannot stay inside.

The colors call.

The artist hears.

Instead I’ll paint the dream.


“A Sunday Afternoon”

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

Plein air

©Bjlane 2008

(read the backstory)

Prints and gifts

The backstory:

It felt like a dream ... that day-trip to Amsterdam. A fresh, new experience in a foreign land—painting en plein air. Tucked under a tree beside the canal, I caught views of residential flats, side-by-side Chinese Pagodas, and the old church in the distance. It was difficult to choose what view would be placed on my canvas. A few boats passed by, and bicycles stood abandoned. The sun glistened through the trees. Waiting patiently for the artist to finish her sketch, “the lady in pink” (my sister) stood in the distance looking on.

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