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#dailygratitude - a bit of nature 6/8/19

There‘s a place of solitude

Where nature’s gifts exist.

A place where peaceful harmony

Is waiting to be found.

One deep breath of nature’s air.

Smell the warm, sweet, earth.

With one glance upward we can see.

A heavenly blue.

This is the place of solitude.

A place for the heart.

Title : “The Pond”

Oil on canvas

24” x30”

Original—Sold Private Collection



The backstory:

In the middle of the City, one can still find places of solitude and peace. County parks can be one of those spots. Here, at the Los Angeles County Arboretum is one such place. Early morning visits offered me a chance to capture this scene on canvas. This sacred spot was a perfect place to escape a busy city life. As I watched the ducks land gracefully in the pond, I quickly sketched them in to the beautiful scene. A slice of heaven.

My private collector and patron fell in love with this piece soon after I created it. The moment he saw it, he had to purchase it, and it remained on his wall for the rest of his lifetime. He said it reminded him of a special place he visited as a boy. It was a place he would go to when he needed to be alone. To think. To be still and just listen to nature’s music. When he left this world his wife gave this painting back to me with one stipulation. Her husband asked that it must never leave the family. I’m so blessed to have him as my father. I miss you Daddy. Thank you for believing in me. May you rest in peace.

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