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Daily Gratitude - Unconditional Love

No binds of love

I hold for thee.

I love you with my soul.

You are the sunshine

In the day.

You are the joy I breathe.

You make my life

So full and fun.

I treasure you each day.

You turn to me

With eyes of blue.

Your little smiling face.

You are the one

Who hold my heart.

Forever you’re my sweet.

“The Blindfold”

Sculptures—from the Huntington Library


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The backstory:

There is nothing quite so special as having a grandchild. This piece reminds me of my sweet granddaughter. I treasure each moment we spend together.

What are YOU grateful for today? Let’s bring our world together creatively.


My new book. “Memoirs of the Heart” is a curated collection of portraiture and poems of gratitude, highlighting my own journey as I discovered that great atitude is the key.

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