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Daily Gratitude - today’s the day

The Poetry of Art - Dance Collections

Today’s the day.

Let’s dance and play.

And smile a happy smile.

Today’s the day.

Let’s laugh and sing.

Let’s focus on the joy.

Today’s the day.

A precious day.

The day we’re meant to live.

Miriliton Trio

Oil on canvas


Original available.


The backstory:

For years I watched young girls and boys as they struggled to learn the steps of ballet. Over and over they would repeat the same steps. Their petite bodies struggled to move to the instructors foreign terminology. Plié. Tendu. Arabesque. It seemed to happen overnight ... One magical day these young children left their struggles behind. In full costume they became dancers of the Ballet.

Remember, just keep dancing ...

Commissions Original art

Let’s bring the world together creatively.

Custom Art just for You

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