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Daily Gratitude -the dinner table

A special table sits right here.

Beside the stove and sink.

It calls to me to sit and talk.

To dream and work and think.

We share some food and drink right here

With smiles upon our face.

We share our dreams and visions too.

It is a social place.

The kitchen table serves us well.

We sit upon the chair.

This place brings us close together.

We visit, talk and share.

Eat breakfast lunch and dinner here.

If we are all able.

A sacred place. A gathering spot.

Around the dinner table.

Title: “The kitchen table”

Digital IPad Painting

© Bjlane


Commissions and Prints available

The backstory:

From my series of iPad Paintings (painted directly on the iPad screen with my fingers) this piece was created while on a retreat at my sister’s home. Taking time to get away is difficult with my responsibilities of caring for my autistic daughter, but a couple times a year I go to rest and recoup. This small table in her small dining area beside the kitchen was the place we gathered for wine, dinners, and just plain conversation. While my sister is at work I sleep in, hang out, or play with my iPad. Refreshed and energized, I’m ready to go back home and live my life with gratitude.

Let’s bring our world together creatively.


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