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Daily Gratitude - our childhood memories

Childhood pleasures.

Best of friends.


Pleasant memories.

After all, it’s a beautiful life

“Boy and Dog”

Garden Sculptures

The Huntington Library

oil on primed canson paper

19”x24 1/2”


Commissions and ArtPrints available in my gift store.

An inspiration for one of my Huntington Library Sculpture Series paintings, this sculpture is sometimes mistaken for a child with a lamb. An unknown French Master created the original sculpture and it actually depicts a boy with his best friend. A sweet, innocent child with his load of goods and his beloved companion greet the visitor on a little path as you enter the main statuary garden.

Share YOUR gratitude today, and

let’s bring our world together creatively.


My new book. “Memoirs of the Heart” is a curated collection of portraiture and poems of gratitude, highlighting my own journey. Gratitude is the key.

Now available for purchase:

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