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Daily Gratitude - Let’s Dance

Today’s our day.

Let’s sing a song.

Just dance with me

Let’s dance along.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.

My sketch of the day. Inspired by Snow Scene “The Nutcracker Suite” performed by Pasadena Dance Theatre. A special gift to you.

The Artist’s Gift

Bringing us all together

with gratitude and creativity.

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Dec 18, 2020

Thanks so much! 💕💕


Dec 18, 2020

i love them all. I especially love santas face of just a slightly different hue and the rag doll too. The Dancing Through Life metaphor is one I most appreciate. JOY - JOY - HAPPY - HAPPY - MERRY - MERRY is a good list of words to meditate on. I have a friend that has written a "HOLIDAY ROUND" which is simply that ... and its meditative in its own way even when it doesn't seem like it should be.

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