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Featured stories of Women Creatives of the past, present and future. Hope. Inspiration. Creativity.

Today’s Featured Artist:

Lavinia Fontana

August 24, 1552 – August 11, 1614

“Mannerist painter active in Bologna and Rome. She is best known for her successful portraiture, but also worked in the genres of mythology and religious painting.”

“The daughter of painter Prospero Fontana allowed her to become a female artist in a time where female artists were not widely accepted ... (When) she married, instead of offering a dowery as would have been widely accepted in this time, Fontana painted to earn an income.”

If you look at the photos that are on the web, you might notice the painting has been flipped vertically. I sketched this painting from a catalog presented by Los Angeles county museum of art in 1977. I wonder, which view is correct? I’d love to know if any of you know the answer!



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