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Featured stories of Women Creatives of the past, present and future. Hope. Inspiration. Creativity.

Today’s Featured Artist:

Marsha Demitriades Shaikhly

My dear friend, you were the rock,

The mother, the hope, the dream.

You were the Artist and Creative.

You left your gifts upon this earth.

You filled our lives with hope.

Your life has left a legacy

Of love, and art

And family.

Forever grateful.

May you Rest In Peace

Mother’s Day May 9, 2021

A painter, sculptor and fabric artist and advocate for her special needs autistic son.m, Marsha inspired me to not give up on my dreams, and to love family unconditionally. She showed courage despite challenges. I created several sculptures of mothers and their children because of her influence.

Enjoy these artworks by Marsha Demitriades Shaikhly


If you are a woman artist and want to share your story, PM me or contact me at bjartworks@me.com

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