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Daily Gratitude - embracing the past

Memories fade.

Days go by.

The world spins ‘round.

Be still.

Hear the whisper.

Listen to the past.

It speaks of what was good

And that which went awry.

Reminding what to hold

And when to let go.

Special Memories.

Title: “Where’s Mine?”—in Silvertone

Digital Silvertone Rendition

© Bjlane

Commissions and Prints available

The backstory:

Coming home from a day painting “en plein air”, I had my Nikon 40D on the seat next to me. Suddenly, I saw this beauty pull out on the road in front of me. Instinct told me to grab the camera. Without looking through the lens, I started snapping away ... hoping to catch a fleeting moment. I painted this portrait, and eventually painted her again in another larger piece, “Silver Lining”:

Let’s bring our world together creatively.


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