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Daily Gratitude - Back to basics-coping

“Searching for the Missing Piece”

Someone asked me how I cope.

Where is my breaking point?

This is what I’ll share with you.

It helps me through. It is my focal point.

I agree, it’s near impossible

to turn off the noise today.

The lock down, break down, chaos.

We all must find a way.

We all must look inside our heart

and find a way to live.

What are we grateful for today?

What ways can we give?

Are you a friend that reaches out?

Are you the caretaker?

Are you the one who works and strives

to make our world better?

We are the same, you and me.

Stress comes to me as well.

It is not easy, I agree.

Yet, gratitude can set the sail.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.


“Memoirs of the Heart” The Book

Portraits and Gratitude Poetry

Now aAailable.


I hope you’ll join me this month, as I present “Reflecting on Life in 2020”, A glimpse of my artful journey, both visually and poetically, during the COVID-19.

Observe the color. Meet the subject. Feel the emotion. Embrace the gratitude. Experience the Art.

Let’s bring our world together creatively.


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