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Daily Gratitude - a moment of stillness

Title: “SlowDown”

IPad painting


The Poetry of Art - Digital Collections

Traffic, traffic. Hurry, hurry.

Rushing. Passing.

Traffic, traffic. Fast, fast.

Pushy. Dashing.

Rush hour. Hustle, bustle.

Stopping. Still.

Look. Listen. Life is here.

Get your fill.

See the beauty. Feel the music.

Colors bright.

Slow down. Live the glow.

In the night.

The backstory:

This piece was created on my iPad with a digital painting program. On a long journey home suddenly the traffic came to a halt. ImWith lightning speed I grabbed my iPad and began painting the night. My canvas came alive with color. Forty minutes later, the traffic slowly began to move. A moment of stillness had given me opportunity.

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