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#dailygratitude - to remember you by

Memories fade as day gets long.  

Massive clouds of grey and gloom.  

We strain to hear the mornings song.  

The birds are mute. A dreary sound. 

Trees once filled with leaf and bloom

Sit silent. Barron. Alone and still. 

Suddenly a friend appears. 

They fill our hearts with gifts of love. 

We feel the joy and hold them close. 

Memories of days once lived.  

Of homes and family. 

Of summer days long gone. 

Friendships. Gifts. Unselfish love.  

Uplifting. Helping. Sharing. 

Connecting memories to remember you by. 

“How Much Is That Tzarzy 

In The Window?” 

Oil on canvas


Private commission 


To remember you by

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