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Putting the Pieces Together-Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month, Bjlane Art

Title: Putting the Pieces together

Medium: Acrylic and mixed medium on wood

created by Bjlane

The Journey continues . . .

Do you love puzzles? I remember a scene from my childhood (before the days of computers, cell phones and iPads).

The flimsy card table sitting in the corner with little colorful pieces spread unevenly over the surface. The adults in the family headed there after dinner to join in conversation. Even the children were invited to partake in the starting event.

It was fairly simple to separate edge pieces from the rest of the puzzle, but once the edges were complete, the difficult part began.

A basic procedure followed:

1. separate the colors and designs into piles,

2. place pieces that fit together.

3. check to see if it looks right.

4. if you have trouble ask someone to help you look.

5. if you still cannot find one, take a break.

6. have a little faith … you will eventually find one. or two, or a half dozen!

With this piece I celebrated. I found what was hidden among the colors, shapes, and complexity. I found this sideways smile from the inside out. I treasure this big wooden puzzle piece of my autistic daughter, as it reminds me to keep looking for rare moments to enjoy the puzzle of life.

Here is an interesting article from The Art of Autism: THE AUTISM PUZZLE PIECE: A SYMBOL THAT IS GOING TO STAY OR GO?




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and may not be reproduced in any form

without prior authorization from Bj Lane

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