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Creating the Olive Tree-5 simple rules

Title: plein air sketch "The Olive Tree"

Artist: Bjlane

Size: 30x40 Medium: Oil

Creating a painting en Plein Air, is a challenge to the mind and body. The challenge to the body is weather, shade, proper clothing, sunscreen protection, and on occasion bug spray.

The challenge to the mind is to uncover the complication of the world around you, and applying what you interpret on a canvas.

5 basic painting rules for painting on location:

1. First, one must decide what to paint. What point of view is the artist attracted to?

2. Secondly, the artist needs to design the composition.

Where will everything fit on the canvas? What is the main focus?

3. Next, it's time to simplify shapes and colors.

4. Forget the detail for now ... in time, it will reveal itself.

5. Remember to nourish the body with fluids and sustenance.

Breathe in the life around you. Enjoy the day. Life has given us many blessings.

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