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The 3-D View - National Autism Awareness Month

Title: Tammy 16-year-old portrait

Medium: Ceramic


The Journey continues . . .

Being a caregiver of my autistic daughter, I find that sometimes I forget to step back and look at the whole picture.

Compared to a painting or photo, (which you observe from one angle only), if the same subject is created in sculpture form one can begin to see the subject in a unique way. The conscientious observer begins to see how the 3-D sculpture fits within real space. Upon further observation, they may also begin to understand how light and dark affects its depth. They may even begin to realize the sculpture changes when they change their own position in space. If they take time to observe long enough, they become aware of its meaning and beauty. Suddenly there is understanding, and acceptance.

This piece was created when my autistic daughter was 16. Her mouth is partly open as if she is ready to speak. Her hair is long, styled in a simple braid. Her gaze open, questioning, hopeful. Mostly relying on reference photographs, I took several weeks to develop this piece. With clay and tools ready, Tammy would allow only a 5-10 minute session of modeling at a time.



National Autism Association

Autism Society

Autism Speaks

The Arc-Autism Now

Autism Network-Valeries List (So. Cal)

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