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"Meet the Mother"

National Autism Awareness Month, Bjlane Art

Title: "Meet the Mother" - Self Portrait

Medium: Charcoal on Paper


The Journey continues . . .

Depicted here as a toddler, my own journey began during the 1950's.

From the moment of autism's discovery in the early 1900's people started searching for a cause. In the 50s, psychologists thought they found one - the child's mother. Labeled "refrigerator mothers" these women were accused of having caused their child's autism by witholding affection (being "cold") at a critical point of their child's life. Though eventually disproved, this theory was in effect for decades. (www.Autism SpectrumExplained)

This sketch of me as a toddler, was created from an old family photograph. It is a reflection of who I am, and defines my personality and outlook on life. My observation, contemplation, and enjoyment of life around me is my strength. To smile at the world is to live within it.


Shared with permission - An excerpt from a poem

"The Missing Piece" by Jocelyn Plowey'

Facebook: Jocelyn Plowey

"A mom’s struggle to oversees her child's difficulties and obstacles coming her way. Her guidance, love, care, patience and dedication, for her autistic child sets her up for challenges ahead of her . . . "



Definition of Autism:


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