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A field of poppies

L.A. County Fair Paintings ©2009 Bjlane

10-0952 "A Field of Poppies" Medium: encaustic, glass and oil

on wood panel

size: 24”x24”

©2009 Bjlane

demo painting - L.A.County Fair

"I sing the Poppy! The frail snowy weed! The flower of Mercy! that within its heart Doth keep "a drop serene" for human need, A drowsy balm for every bitter smart. For happy hours the Rose will idly blow-- The Poppy hath a charm for pain and woe."

Mary A. Barr



Events you won't want to miss

"LOVE A FAIR" art exhibit

a special tribute to a decade of art of the L.A. County Fair

dA Center for the Arts

252 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766


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