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An ancient technique . . .

L.A. County Fair Paintings ©2010 Bjlane

0955 “African flower fields”

©2009 Bjlane

medium: encaustics and mixed medium

on wood panel

size: 24”x24”

Encaustic: (which also goes by "hot wax painting") is an ancient technique . . .


one gessoed wood panel; hot medium (encaustic)––(wax, resin & pigment); buttons, beads, and broken glass; telephone wire; anything else you have laying around you might want to use; lots of imagination and courage.


pancake griddle; muffin tins to hold colored hot medium; heat gun; pliers; gloves (optional); palette knife; brushes; super fast hands (not optional), a sense of humor (not optional), drawing skills (or playing skills); a live model bouquet donated to the artist from the African display at the Flower Pavilion inside the L.A. County Fair in 2009 (or your own favorite subject matter).


On a wood panel, quickly brush on a layer of colorless, hot medium (encaustic). Using different brushes for each color, begin adding pigmented hot paint. Use a knife to add and subtract the pigment. Work quickly! The paint dries almost immediately! Don't forget to heat the layers between each application. Add beads and broken glass; and while you are at it, scoop some hot wax off the top and form it with your fingers. OUCH! HOT! BE CAREFUL!



"LOVE A FAIR" art exhibit

a special tribute to a decade of art of the L.A. County Fair

dA Center for the Arts

252 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766


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