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"Flamin'Hot" ...

#L.A. County Fair Paintings ©2010 Bjlane

1007 “Flamin’ Hot”

Permanent Collection

Inland Empire Museum of Art

©2010 Bjlane

Medium: oilbars & oil on paper

Size: 15”x21”

This painting is one of the first in my “fun at the fair” series.

Armed with my easel, paints, sketchbook and camera, I began this piece in the shadows of the nightlife at the L.A. County Fair. “Juicy’s” offered treats, as the loud speakers announced their “tasty curly fries, and fried zucchini”. Visitors were entertained by the flamin’ hot truck pulling the fair band through the streets. The music blared, the warm glow of lights danced, and the yummy smells of fair food added to the ambiance of the night.

The scene begged to become an artist’s rendition of the moment…and I listened.


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