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The fun starts here ...

#L.A. County Fair Paintings ©2010 Bjlane

1216 "The Fun Starts Here"

medium: oil on canvas

36" x 54"

© 2012 Bjlane

. . . at the Fun Zone, where else? The bright lights, rainbow of scattered colors, and delightful music, pumps the adrenals with life and choices. Which fun will be selected? Will it be the unhurried motion as you gallup through space? Or the vertical rides where gravity is responsible for the butterflies in your stomach? Perhaps the preference is g-force, and acceleration? An artist in shadow, secretly hides in the foreground––observing the fair goers as they make their selections.


Mark your Calendars & Join theFun : YOU ARE INVITED!!

"Love A Fair"

"A nostalgic walk through the county fair we love" Friday, August 19- September 24, 2016

at the dA Center For The Arts

Opening Artist Reception: Friday, August 19th 6-9pm

252 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766

for more information: Events you won't want to miss


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