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"Surf's Up"

“Surf’s Up”-Classic Car Collection

medium: oil on canvas

size: 24”x24”

original: $2300.00

©2015 Bjlane

Suddenly, I stopped scouting for that perfect parking spot at the Fallbrook Vintage Car Show. "STOP!!", I yelled at my husband. He seemed totally unaware of the hidden treasure I'd just discovered. Quickly, I grabbed my SLR Nikon pushed open my passenger door. As my own transportation began moving slowly away from me, I ran in front, behind, and sideways to capture different views.

It’s rare to catch a “woodie wagon” heading to the beach, yet here he was ... setting with boards on top, just waiting for his chance to smell the sea air. As I ran back to catch my ride, I called out to him: “I'll meet up with you again soon!” And I did. A few months later, there he was––on canvas, reminding me of our brief interlude.

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