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In a wink of an eye ...

"In the wink of an eye" Oil on canvas, 24"x 72" ©2007 Bjlane

In a wink of an eye, life changes. Sometimes the journey you are on, is altered by destiny.

This piece is a portrait of my youngest daughter affected by Autism, "a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts."–– Google.

Reading from left to right, these sequential portraits chronicle my daughter's life––past, present and future. The selected spectrum of colors symbolize physical, emotional, and mental phases of growth. From the young, sweet innocence of pinks and purples, to the contradictory compliment colors of red and green, orange and blue, I attempt to share the emotional elements imbedded in her journey. The first portrait is the young child in infancy––the beginning of her journey. The second and third hint the emergence of Autism––the bland stare, the social non-connectivity. The middle portrait denotes the pressures of adolescence–– "complimentary colors" visually vibrate as they are placed next to each other. The fifth portrait highlights the awakening of her spirit, as her eyes look deeply at the viewer, and her mouth offers a hint of a smile. Here, I imagine her at mid-life––content, at peace, enjoying her place in a complicated world. On the right, the final portrait shows her as an elderly woman, head slightly turned. She faces away from her past and towards the lessons and wisdom of a lifetime with Autism.

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