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Dog days of summer ...

portrait of a german shepherd - acrylic and airbrush

Portrait of a Cocker Spaniel - oil on canvas

"Angie" Portrait German Shepherd

Airbrush and Acrylic on Rag Board


©1988 Bjlane

"Toby Keith

Cocker Spaniel


Oil on canvas


©2009 Bjlane

Oh, the dog days of summer . . . these hot, humid days, when the sky smells like rain and the persistent summer sun shoots its rays through patches of fog, creating the unwanted sauna.

My dog, Charlie knows exactly how to spend a sultry afternoon. Tucked under the shade of the table, laying on the cool tile, he sleeps through the heat and moistness, and waits patiently for his meals. Water, food, a little fetching his favorite round toy, and lots of love from his master is all he needs to keep him content. Maybe that is why we love our pets. They remind us of the simple things in life. A good dinner and drink, a little entertainment, and someone to love can get us through any tough "dog day of summer".


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