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The Women Meet...

Digital iPad Painting "The Women Meet" by Bjlane

"The Women Meet" Digital Media, iPad Painting, ©2010

The hot soup, crisp salad, and warm bread felt comfortable in my stomach, yet something was lacking. I breathed in the distinct odors of sweet baked muffins and cheesy pasta, mingled with soda and coffee. Closing my eyes, I imagined the tiny soft served cones filled with sweet, vanilla flavor. "No, that's not what I want", I thought to myself. Lifting my head, I looked around the cafe. Warm brown and bright green covered the walls. Red lanterns hung from the ceiling. The floor was covered with mingled reds, browns and greens. My eyes landed on a group of women in the corner. Intense in their interactions, they seemed not to notice the world around them. I imagined their conversation. I contemplated their connection. Were they sisters? Wives? Mothers? Friends? My hand slipped silently into the bag beside me. This was the sweet course I craved at the end of my meal. Rich conversation. Connectivity. Friends. I pulled out my iPad and began to paint. Through my art I would connect and tell their story ... and mine.


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