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Before "autism"...

"The family" 4"high, x 7" wide, x 10" long, Ceramic with Patina, © 1984 Bjlane

Before the word "Autism" was in the family vocabulary...

I felt the soft, cool clay in my hands. It was a stollen moment after dinner had been made, and kids and hubby fed. Saving the food stained dishes for later, I turned briefly to the bag of ceramic clay on the counter. Those days it was hard to find the time to nurture myself between two young babies. The oldest had just turned 3, and the youngest was now able to hold her head up a little without support. Moments before, I had handed baby to daddy. My 3-year-old scooted over to help support the baby sitting on his tummy. She was already protecting her sibling. I stood in the distance, watching...observing...forming the clay in the images of the little group. I couldn't miss this moment. The dishes could wait.


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