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Master the formula D+C=M

"Sifu-Tony Horton/portrait" Private Collection, Acrylic on canvas ©2006

Through the window we could see the "Sifu" at his desk. As we walked through the door, he gracefully stood up. Facing us, a medium-sized dark brown, barefooted man, held out his large hand in welcome. His genuine, full smile, pulled us forward like a magnet and I found my small delicate hand in his gentle, warm grasp. I felt the intensity of this Master's Art overwhelm my senses as I smelled the vague, fragrant odor of incense, and took in the scene...swords, long brown poles, floor mats, and a special alter in the corner. I looked at my daughter as she confidently moved forward towards him, her hand outstretched. She had finally found the Discipline she would pursue. Kung Fu San Soo. Coming from her short-lived gymnastic career, she had found a perfect replacement. For the next 10 years, she studied from this Master. Form, Stance, and Consistent Practice were the lessons. Knowledge, Self control, and Self-Confidence was the reward.

The artist too, must first find our Discipline...the place to begin learning, growing and improving our Art. Whether the medium is paint, clay or digitally created, the artist needs to also use Discipline in the form of Restraint and Self Control. Add to the equation Consistency.

A simple formula: D+C=M. Discipline + Consistency = Mastery.

With time, focus and persistence perhaps we all will finally become the Master of our own Art.


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