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Creating in 3D

Fiber Clay, Metal and Acrylic on Board

I have learned that pushing myself into a different medium improves my artistic vision. I began my journey with art at 7-years old with pencil and paper. Inspired by a fellow classmate in 2nd grade, I started my search for information on how to draw, and eventually learned to put down color on a 2-dementional surface. It wasn't until 20 years later that I discovered drawing in 3-D. I began by taking a sculpture class at the local community college, and began to understand that sculpture is the act of drawing in hundreds of positions. Learning the figure in clay has helped me understand proportion, dimension, and direction of light. An extremely valuable tool for the artist, sculpting is the ultimate drawing tool.

Interested in learning more about famous sculptures? Check out this link:

10 most famous sculptures:

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