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Cool days of summer

"TORTILLA FLATS" 24"X36" oil on canvas ©2007 $3500.00

CONTRAST: The clouds lay low upon the horizon. Though dauntingly hot just two weeks ago, this morning the cool, moist air reminds me of another season. This painting was begun on such a morning. The cool atmosphere, and the sun peeking its way though the early morning fog gave me an opportunity to use a variety of color. The blues and purples of the sky above, the turquoise and blues of the water and the greens and purples of the palms are nicely contrasted with the warm tile and sunlight in this scene. I stood with my easel and paints in the purple shadows in the foreground...absorbed in the moment, capturing a moment in time.

Color contrast is one more tool an artist can use to create mood in their painting. If you are an artist, what mood do you want to portray in your painting? As a collector what colors are you attracted to? Do they calm, excite or remind you of a certain feeling?

Interested in purchasing this piece? Want an artist print? Thinking of something you want created especially for you? For commissions, pricing or info, contact me directly:

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