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Private or Corporate Commissions


Private or Corporate Commissions

On Becoming An

Art Collector

Why Collect Art?

While some people want only what others have, it is always more rewarding to have what others don’t.

There is nothing so special as 

owning original art

Let me help you start your own personal art collection.

With over 50 years of experience in multiple mediums, and the passion to create exceptional artwork, I’d love to help you find unique artwork…

just for you

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Artistic Life Style

Art that fits your budget

Coffee Mugs 

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Life Style - Art in Motion

Don't be a bore when leaving your door

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Stylish Stationary - Write Now 

Show you care with handwritten Note Cards

Start your Journey with Artful Notebooks

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Home Decor - A Home Beautiful

Your home is ready for a Makeover

Throw Pillows

 Fleece Blankets

Duvet Covers

Shower Curtains

Bath Towels

Hand Towels

Life's A Beach

Beach Towels

Beach Sheets

Round Beach Towels

Tote Bags,

Weekender Tote Bags

For a Full Gallery Experience,

View on your

Personal Computer

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